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Get ENtouch with her as you combat the woes of nausea, mood swings, & fatigue!

ENtouch Womb Detox Capsules are infused with sound frequency to open the sacral chakra.

Remember: your connection to self through your womb is your birthright.

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Whispering Womb Wellness

Whispering Womb Wellness encompasses holistic & spiritual practices to guide you to self alignment through healing. It is imperative that we remember to align with our wombs is to align with self. Your healing begins here.

Healing Products

  • Affirm:

    "My womb is my guide. I honor her and allow her to lead.
    I love on her always."

  • Affirm:

    "My womb is my center. Whenever I am feeling lost, unloved, or unworthy I will return to center."

  • Affirm:

    "I give myself permission to speak my truth as I I feel it and live it."

  • Affirm:

    "My womb is MY abundance."

  • Affirm:

    "My womb is THE life source."

  • Affirm:

    "My intuition is MY strength."

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