Healing The Whispering Womb LIVE Talk


Known as "The Endo Educator", Samantha Denäe, CHHP is a licensed holistic health practitioner and counselor, certified reiki master, herbalist, author, speaker, and Endometriosis survivor! Samantha's signature talk, "Healing The Whispering Womb", is healing her traumas. As the intuition lies within our womb space, womb diseases can manifest by way of unresolved traumas causing a clouded intuition. When the intuition is clouded, life becomes unbalanced and presents as bad judgment calls, turbulent emotional and mental state, and more. As we work to balance the womb and rid it of disease, we in turn balance ourselves and our intuitions. We become one with self. Samantha Denäe teaches you how healing the mind and spirit will help to heal the body, and how trusting the journey to womb healing will provide you with a deeper trust and connection to self. 

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